Internet Security

These are the five basic questions we ask a business when performing a network security audit:

  • Is your computer & network protected from internet threats & security issues?
  • Is your virus scanning software up to date and monitored & are your emails filtered for nasty attachments?
  • Does your computer security software protect you from hoax banking & financial transaction websites?
  • Do you know what the users on your network are accessing on the internet?
  • Do you think your basic internet router / firewall is sufficient in stopping internet threats & network security breaches?

The internet of today has transformed from the internet of a few years ago. Internet security threats are on the increase. Viruses, malicious software & spyware are more advanced. Financial transactions are made online with our credit cards. More users exploring the internet may access a hijacked website making them think its the real deal when entering in financial & personal information. Monitoring & managing users internet access to prevent downloading of illegal & harmful content into your network is paramount to your network security and uptime.

Our network & computer security audit will outline security strengths & weaknesses.

Ask the team for more information about this service.


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